We should all live the life we desire

Words are the foundations of every story told. They are tools to communicate with others but, above all, we need them to communicate with ourselves.

My profession started a few years ago with words. Words to tell the story behind the brands I was working with. Who they are, where they come from, which are their values and identity…

I’m curious about the story we all have. Our own story and our projects’ stories.

Having graduated in Psychology many years ago, my personal evolution took me back down this path to extend my first studies taking yoga teacher trainings, meditation trainings, other holistic pathways and finally, coaching to able to work directly with people’s stories in order to help them create the life they want to live and to feel really alive, balanced and coherent with themselves.

Today I work next to women who are looking for support, willing to start a self-discovery journey to achieve their own objectives. I am just next to them to offer inspiration and guidance.

We work on what they feel, need and want. We explore together their objectives, the kind of life they are looking for. We define changes to be implemented and steps to follow… and we design a personalized action plan together, with resources and tools to take them where they want to be.

1:1 coaching sessions via Skype or Zoom (60 to 90min) in a safe space to feel listened and supported. Packs available, for life coaching and business as well.



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