Do you need help in your business? Do you want to take it to the next level? Do you want to be an entrepreneur?
Do you want to feel good, aligned, working for other people? Do you feel stressed, don't know how to set boundaries and need support?
Do you want to feel good about where you work?
Find your passion or purpose?
Work in a healthier way?

Those are my proposals for you coaching profesional

Whether you work for others or for yourself, these work sessions are focused on self-exploration to gain clarity, focus, unblock what limits, stops and paralyzes you, working on limiting beliefs and delving into your own personality, values, essence, energy… to bring you into alignment with yourself and consequently, with your project or business or if you work with others, with the profession you perform.

We will address aspects such as stress, work-life-balance, learning to set limits and express yourself from your truth, bring your vision… through reflections that we will do in session (and between them), resources, vision and tools to work on you and your current moment to move towards the place you want. I will also be by your side if you need to find your purpose and a clear line of action to begin to undertake and address issues such as finances, both in your life and professionally.

In these sessions I will provide you with the resources and tools that coaching gives us and I will bring you my experience in the world of communication, marketing, strategy and in the creation of my own businesses, to take you where you want to go.


1 SESSION – 90 minutes

This session is designed to work on something very specific that has to do with your professional life. Whether you work for others, you want to start a business, you want to change direction, you already have your business and want to work on some aspect and/or improve it, this space is perfect to resolve doubts, address something you want to look at in detail, gain focus, clarity, make a decision and/or have the vision and view of an expert and external person, external to you and your business to give you the objectivity you may need. It is also a session to see if we are a good match and can work together. During this session we will download everything that is in your mind, we will ground it, we will concretise it and we will work on it to resolve doubts, prioritize, manage options and finish with a clearer and more focused mind, with ideas, tools, inspiration, steps to carry out and also confidence and enthusiasm to keep moving forward.

3 Pack

3 SESSIONS / 75-60 Minutes

If you need to review various aspects of your business or your current situation working for others, review your purpose or mission, start working on a business idea or project, if you want to work and go deep, one session will certainly not be enough and I recommend that you choose the option of several sessions to take time and space to review with the attention it deserves, the moment you are in. Work in sessions together, do it between one meeting and the next and start implementing what we define.

This pack includes a first session of 75 minutes and two sessions of 60 minutes. Between sessions I will ask you to continue working and reflecting to move forward in your purpose and achieve the objectives of the coaching process.

Each process is different and must be worked on from its own angle, like people, according to their needs, objectives, goals to be achieved, and it is important that it is aligned with you, with the person who creates it.

How are we working together?

Each process is unique and personal so what we do together will be totally personalized. From an initial questionnaire (only in the pack of sessions) and listening, we will go deeper and work on your needs. I will accompany you from the first moment and I will propose to you a lot of review and exploration, both personal and professional, always in relation to your project or business and of course always with the firm intention to inspire and guide you.

For the 3 pack process, before we see each other

You will receive a questionnaire via email for you to work through on your own and allow you to ground some of what is on your mind and with this, possibly start to realize things. You will be able to answer it at your own pace, calmly and with sincerity and honesty and bring to our first meeting what you have identified in your answers to comment on.


We start the work together starting from the questionnaire and from this we will move forward and establish the working points, objectives of the process and the needs you want us to address. Each session will be different. The process itself will reveal what we need to work on at each moment.

In between sessions

Between sessions you will continue working with exercises and work proposals that I will give you after each session.

General conditions

All sessions are on Zoom. Payment in advance.
The money for the sessions / packs will not be refunded in case of cancellations. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. The packs of 3 sessions are to be carried out in a maximum of 6 weeks to guarantee the fluidity and effectiveness of the process.

I’ve got another proposal for you

After my experience accompanying other women in their businesses and also after my own journey, I have created a holistic process with everything I consider essential for a business, ready to be applied in a simple and agile step-by-step way.

Business mentoring

7 sessions

2 month step-by-step mentoring programme. During this time I will be by your side, accompanying and advising you in a process of exploration and action.

Complete Process

I have created this process through my own experience and by working alongside other women entrepreneurs. We will explore all aspects and in the order necessary to reach the desired goals.

Space to work

You will have at your disposal practical tools, reflection exercises, workbooks and other materials to work with and take action, adjusting as necessary to your own needs.

I’m here for you


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