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All those women that we are

All those women that are in each of us

Life coaching group for women willing to sit down with themselves, look inside and heal, turn their lives around, willing to know themselves in depth to decide for themselves and create the lives they truly desire, without half measures, in a big way.

Healing comes from you.

And it is in your hands.

It depends on your intention. On your commitment.

Healing from you with intention means choosing you and doing whatever it takes to take care of you.

It is in your hands to change.

To decide on alignment.

Open your heart.

To move forward.

This container is powerful, it is profound, it is transformative. The women who have taken part in previous editions say so, as do their gestures, their transformations, their words, their evolutions, and their lives, in short, as does my own experience and evolution.

A wonderful container, full of light, wisdom and knowledge, revelations, beauty, healing, evolution, and great moments. A space for each one to find herself, to get to her essence and truth, and to start moving through life from this new place.

We will work together with a weekly program that includes elements of psychology, coaching, neuroscience, and of course meditation and writing as well as readings and other recommendations to deepen and go further.

Read on to find out more about this proposal and the whole program.

What you may be feeling

You spend your day doing things you don’t want to do,

you are all the time worried about making yourself look good to others,

you prioritize everyone but yourself,

you go on autopilot without thinking about anything,

you feel stressed, exhausted,

you live feeling that you are not doing anything with your life,

with your day-to-day life, days and months go by, and you feel like you’re not moving forward,

you feel stagnant,

you are sad, you feel bad recurrently,

you feel that everyone is doing great things except you…

I understand, I’ve been there too.


that’s the big issue.

But, imagine for a few moments to know who you are, to stop moving on autopilot, to know what your values are, what you want and what you don’t want?


Join this great network of women with whom you will share this great journey.

Program method

  • 5 weeks of deep, organized, and guided inner work.

  • Sessions of about 60 minutes per week, recorded and to be done at your own pace with a presentation of the theoretical and practical work to be done (5 sessions in total) + your own internal work time (about 2 hours per week).

  • 3 live meetings of 60 minutes each to accompany the group and resolve doubts raised by those attending the edition.
  • All are available in replay for a total of 2 months.



Discover who you are and what your true values are to live an authentic life.

Inner work on blocks, limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back and keeping you from living the life you desire to transform that into your strength.


Through rituals and centering practices, you will cultivate your well-being and align with who you are and your values. A brief introduction to Manifestation.

Week 3 – VISION

Create a complete vision that integrates all aspects of your life (work, money, family, partner, spirituality…), with goals and intentions aligned with your authentic SELF and values.


Identify people, elements, and sources of inspiration that are the real examples of everything you want. You will take inspiration from them, they will be the example you need to expand, they are what are known as “expanders”.


Identify what actions you need to take to lead you to the creation of the desired reality / vision. It is about creating a concrete action plan aligned with the authentic person you are (authenticity code) and with your values. //
Closing space, last doubts and reflections.

What does it include?

  • 5 recorded sessions of 60 minutes each with the guideline of the work to be done, examples, resources, and inspiration (1 session per week) available to watch as many times as necessary, at your own pace.
  • 3 extra live sessions with the group to resolve doubts, 60 min each.
  • A weekly downloadable PDF with theory and exercises to work on your own between sessions to do the necessary work for your process.
  • Downloadable resources, tools, and templates to work on yourself.
  • Private space for the Telegram group to grow with other women.

What will you make out of this work?

  • Stop waiting for everything to happen and start living and experiencing it now.
  • Gain clarity, and focus, identify what you want, and where you want to go, and identify how to take the first steps.
  • Know yourself. Know who you are, what you want, what your values are, what kind of life you want to have and really connect with you.
  • Stop blocking and self-sabotaging yourself and give yourself the permission you need to move and do whatever it takes.
  • Say “YES” to what you truly desire and say “NO” to everything else.
  • Drawing up an action plan aligned with yourself
  • Live the life you want.


“The program has been the best investment I could have made. I felt that I had the space to express myself and share what I needed in each session. I also felt that Anna gave each one of us the time and attention we needed. I felt important and above all, I was listened to… I really appreciated that” – Paola

“This process has been light and clarity. I was completely lost, not knowing what steps to take to find myself again, to be me again. I have felt very accompanied and little by little the path has been opening and I have started to see things differently and my objectives and the work I must do to achieve them much clearer” – Maria

“Doing this group work allowed me to exchange visions, objectives, ways of seeing and looking at life and everyday life in a much more enriching way. I have been aware that, if there was no group behind me, perhaps I would be more easily carried away by limiting beliefs such as ‘I don’t have time’, or ‘I can’t do it right now’. The group has helped me a lot” – I.M.

“The weekly work, especially the daily writing, helped me a lot to let go of what was inside me, what I was experiencing, and also to focus my mind on other areas. These weeks of work have helped me to discover that, until now, I had decided practically nothing in my life; I had let things come and go by inertia or by the intervention of third parties and I have realized the importance of thinking about what I want and what I don’t, dreaming and working to get closer to a life more in line with me, my values, my rhythms and in which I feel more me and more fulfilled” – Isabel Ale

“The program has helped me to change my focus and not force myself on a path that is not for me and allow me to open myself to a path that seems to align more with who I am, my happiness and my fullness” – Anna Sanchez

“Anna’s work is spectacular, her accompaniment and involvement I have not felt the same in any other course of this type. She is always there, encouraging you, and with a great capacity for understanding. She makes you feel that she really cares about your well-being and that she is THERE. The group work and the people I met there were surprising. It gave me and still gives me the strength and encouragement I needed to keep delving into my darkness, with so much love and understanding that it made me shudder. It has created a wonderful atmosphere” – Mireia Marqués


This is an online program with limited places so once you commit to the process, there is no possibility of cancellation. From the moment you decide to join, this space and time is yours and I will not be able to accept cancellations.

Payment in advance to reserve and guarantee your place.


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