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“After having done the business mentoring process, I feel I am in a very strong learning moment. Not only because since then I have started to train myself and explore areas totally unknown to me. But mainly because I am learning to see and know myself in a new way of living. A new way of living that is in full construction and that makes me face constant novelties that force me to stop, rethink, reeducate my habits and even surprise me in some of the ways in which I act”.

— Ruth | Bienestar y viajes conscientes


“I have managed to outline my specific goals and a planned direction towards them. It has also helped me to realize what I want and what I don’t. To reaffirm what I wasn’t very sure about whether it was like that or not. I am happier, more confident, and more excited than ever.

— Mercedes Eizaga | Actress


“Working with Anna has helped me to put order to all my ideas, give shape to my project and take action. In addition, it has helped me to create spaces for self-care in which I have learned to listen to myself and listen to what my body is asking me, both personally and professionally.”

— Judit | Coach


“I really enjoyed working with Anna. I have met my goals and the fact of having homework between sessions has allowed me to go deeper and work on myself. I was able to further develop the topics to be able to talk about them later in the session. It has been a very good experience”

— Ludmilla de Bie | Coach


“With the coaching process I have learned to think more positively about myself and my abilities. To trust and believe in myself more. To differentiate when I really don’t know or can’t do something and when it is a limiting belief or fear of going wrong. Even though there have been only a few sessions, I have found focus, motivation and courage to get out of where I was and bet on what makes me happy. I have also implemented writing in my day to day life.”

— Laura Salvà | Photographer


“Now I have the tools to be well even if things are not always the way I would like them to be, but I know where and how to work, where to start and where to pull. I know how to be well throughout the day and I feel that I have a path to follow, a project with a base aligned with me. I begin to see how it can be and where this personal project can go. I have options to build my ideal life “while everything comes” and I feel capable and eager to continue making steps towards all of this.

— Veva – Architect, interiorist and wellbeing


“Working with Anna is like a seed you plant in your way of being and relating to your work (…) I have become aware of the importance of my work and the strength you gain from your words and actions when you align yourself with your values and beliefs.”

— Francesca Alilai | Yoga and yoga-dance teacher


“Your advice is opening my eyes and making me root myself with my essence, with who I am and feel able to merge it with my brand concept. It’s been a very rewarding experience.”

— Elena | Product design, branding, identity


“The program has been the best investment I could have made.
I felt that I had the space to express myself and share what I needed in each session. I also felt that Anna gave each one of us the time and attention that we needed. I felt important and above all I was listened to… This is very much appreciated”.

— Paola


“Working with Anna was such a pleasant and eye opening experience. Anna is very transparent and pure with her approach, very empathetic. The process was great and I definitely learned a lot. I would like to thank her for always listening and being there. The effort she puts into each session is really impressive. From the first moment of the session, until the work she shares after each session. Very inspiring”

— Tara


“I absolutely recommend the Yes to Me program to anyone who is considering doing some self-knowledge work and deep reflection about the life they want to live. Anna helps you become aware of what you want for yourself, what is preventing you from getting there and gives you the tools to achieve it. She accompanies you in a very fluid way, without judging or pressuring, in the downfall she helps you to come out afloat and manages to make you feel comfortable even in moments of doubt.”

— M.H


“It was a very enriching, respectful and totally empathetic experience.Anna adapted to my needs in all sessions and sent me specific exercises for me after each session.I felt very calm and comfortable, welcomed and understood. She showed up when I needed her most with the positive energy I most needed.”

— Munia


“It was light and clarity. I was completely lost, not knowing what steps to take to find myself again, to be me again.I have felt very accompanied and little by little the path has been opening up and I have started to see things differently and my goals and the work I have to do to achieve them much clearer.”

— María


“My session with Anna was most fruitful. She helped me to unblock myself and find my way again.It was like having a revelation. I had strayed from my mission and the session redirected me and gave me tools to develop it.”

— Valentina Kalaydjian | Photographer and art director


“Anna has been one of the gifts of 2020, I have felt listened to, understood and she has made me stop and put focus. Thank you very much Anna for accompanying me this year and helping me to be better with myself. There is still a long way to go but I feel that I am on the right path and that I have surrounded myself with people who make me grow and challenges that make me get out of my comfort zone, showing me an Ester that I like”.

— Ester


I feel Decode is a very good process. I really liked the flexibility in the timing, which means that I didn’t feel I had to adapt to a predefined plan, but rather that the plan adapted to me. I wanted to thank you for your involvement in the whole process, both in the individual sessions and in the exercises between sessions, which you define ad hoc for each person. It is very valuable to see how you are carrying out a very tailor-made process, which is not the same for everyone, but really corresponds to what you need to work on.

— Antonia


“Working with Anna has been the best decision and investment I have made for my business to date. In one month I’ve moved around so much and so many things have been shaken up that it’s scary and everything. It has been a brutal before and after. For the first time in my life I feel that I am creating from the heart, from the inside out and not the other way around. That the services, the web, even my presence in networks are more authentic than ever and I am feeling very committed to them. The tools Anna has given me have helped me to connect with myself and find my own answers.”

— Jessica


“Anna is the kind that pinches your soul, lifts you up, pushes you and lights the fuse of what you want to be. It is the firm conviction that we are capable of turning our dreams into our realities. I have loved her flexibility, willingness and her presence always and of course the result obtained by learning to eat healthy, do motivational exercise, meditate, balance, breathe and feel better about myself.”

— María


“I really liked the experience. I have noticed changes in the short term. I feel different than when I started. I have created habits in my day-to-day life that I didn’t have and I think they are important. Sometimes they are very simple things, but you never find the time to stop and with you I have found it. Thank you.” Anna

— Teresa M


“Anna has been inspiring.
She has been able to understand me and accompany me during my personal growth process, giving me tools that fit me at all times and making me feel closer to me, listening and respecting me, proposing new routines to connect with myself and leading me to listen my true self, something I was not doing, in a more authentic and sincere way. It has been an inspiration, empowerment and let me access to new tools.”

— Mar


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