Feel Good Retreat - PORTUGAL -

10-12th of May, 2024


/ Feeling Good,
a lifestyle

From feeling good in this 3 day experience, to feeling good in your day to day life.

Come and experience what it means to really FEEL GOOD in this 3-day Spa Retreat in Portugal together with other women who, like you, want to feel good and take care of themselves, but not just for a few days, but to feel good in their everyday life.

In the context of the retreat, we will experience practices, rituals, group coaching and journaling exercises, space to grow and share and after that time, come out of this experience, integrating ways to live better in your daily life.

An experience to disconnect from everything outside and the noise that always accompanies us to focus on going deep within to connect with you and your unique truth. A journey of connection to take care of you and allow you to be who you are, authentic, free and feel at peace and in harmony.

Because BEING WELL is not a matter of a few hours, of a moment.

BEING WELL – FEEL GOOD, is a state that can be permanent, daily, A LIFESTYLE.

The Experience

The Place

Practices & dynamics



Anna Alfaro, psychologist, coach and writer

The search for wellbeing has always been an essential part of my life and therefore, a large part of the elements that will be shared in this retreat have to do with what I have learned over the years, both through formal studies and my own practice and life experience.

Passionate about care, beauty, rituals and knowledge, I live my life today in a very different way than I have for years.

Knowing myself on a deep level is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been able to give myself. A place I have come to and continue to go to every day thanks to the permission I gave myself years ago to embark on a journey towards myself and my truth.

I am passionate about personal and inner growth.
I am passionate about enjoying and feeling good.
I am passionate about real and authentic life.
I am passionate about sharing and writing.

During these days together I will share everything that I know and that accompanies me in my day to day life so that you and the rest of the women in the group can make it yours.

Days together and schedule

From Friday the 10th to 12th May,
Ericeira (Portugal) Orientative schedule

FRIDAY 10th May
17h Welcome and snacks
18h Opening Circle and Ceremony
20h Dinner

SATURDAY 11 of May
8am Practices and rituals
10am Breakfast
11h Coaching group session
12.30h Break – Sharing and walk in nature

14h Lunch
15.30h Break and/or short yoga nidra practice / free time
17h Coaching group session
19.30h Yin Yoga
20.30h Dinner

SUNDAY 12 of May
7.3-8.3am Practices and rituals
9am Coaching group session
10h Breakfast
11h Closing circle
12h Goodbye

More information

Alma do Paço is an old Portuguese house with a history linked to art due to the passage of different artists in the space over the years, making the place a unique and special eclectic space. The house consists of several small houses in it to accommodate guests and common rooms and spaces, indoors and outdoors.
The layout of the sleeping and sleeping areas, private areas, is made up of small houses each with different layouts and styles, all of them cozy, quiet and beautiful.
Prices: from 600€ to 860€

Spaces and options available for your stay

/ More information

Capilla del alojamiento Alma do Paço en Ericeira


There is the option of relaxing and therapeutic massages during the weekend, with prior reservation two weeks before arriving at the retreat (price apart from the price of the retreat). For more information, please write to the same email address once you have confirmed your place.

50% payment on booking to guarantee your place.
Remaining 50% 1 month before the date of the retreat (10 April).

In case of justified cancellation, 50% of the initial payment (so 50% of the 50% paid) will be refunded as long as it is within one month before the date of the retreat.

If canceled later (after 10th of April), for organizational reasons no refund will be possible.

Travel tickets, transfers to the retreat venue and other expenses derived from and associated with the trip are not the responsibility of the organization.

If you have any questions, please write to hola@annalfaro.com

Reservations will be made by bank transfer. Details and reservations below.


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