Awareness in business.

A commitment to a more conscious corporate culture.

Well-being at work is essential, it should not be optional or something to be questioned. People who work in a company should feel good at work. And it is not about organizing parties for them, offering them gifts, extra days off, incentivising them with trips… We are talking about people and therefore, we are talking about something that goes beyond all these “incentives”. It is about humanity, care and attention to those who work in the company. It is about taking into account their lives and their wellbeing because this, as well as the health of the individual, translates into the wellbeing of the organization. Living well at work has to do with the internal feeling of well-being, security, free and non-judgemental communication, personal and self-assurance, respect, self-esteem…

There is a new movement in the world that is leading us all towards a more conscious life and companies cannot be left out. We spend part of our day at work and having a conscious company culture is essential for the company, the worker and their families. It is important to take care of them to guarantee a work-life balance, to give them support, accompaniment, listening, to make them feel valued, involved, with a strong and stable self-esteem in their roles, without stress…

It is not a utopia, this can be real.


Let’s bring the conscious living that we hear in our daily lives, and that is increasingly applied in our lives, to business. In-house and tailor-made workshops that focus on the person, on the inner world of those who work and move the business forward. Personalized proposals for group work on topics such as soft skills, communication skills, confidence, security and a sense of worth…

Workshops to get to the core of the issue to be addressed so that people learn to communicate, listen to themselves and listen to each other, delve into resilience in the workplace, show vulnerability, create more sincere, open, simple and ultimately, more human and real spaces.

Some proposals

Showing vulnerability to be more authentic and more real in the workplace. The person matters.

Conscious lifestyle, rituals, well-being, how to deal with stress.

Tools, resources and guidelines.

Team work

effective and human

Free communication

free of judgement

How to manage time

in an effective way, with pauses and time to stop and have breaks still being productive

Self-management through writing

for a better understanding and expression of oneself and one’s needs

Healthy transitions

between jobs, new professional stages..

Value for the company

The well-being of the employee is the well-being of the company. When one grows, everyone else grows.

A group of employees that is well is a healthy, happy company, aligned with its values, and productive.

“A happy employee is 88% more productive, as he/she is less likely to suffer sick leave and is able to work with greater commitment and motivation”.

A group of employees who are well is a healthy, happy, value-aligned, productive company.

The coaching work results in more committed, productive and fulfilled people and this leads to results such as:

Improved employee performance

Since the person is better able to perform their task, this increases their confidence and leads to better results.

Increased employee satisfaction and morale

Investing in training shows people that they are important, that they are worthwhile, and that worth, self-esteem and confidence leads them to feel good at work and perform better.

Increased productivity and adherence to quality standards

Productivity generally increases when a company implements training courses.
Increased process efficiency ensures the success of business processes.

For who is that

Companies who take care of their people.

Who wants to make it different.

With humanity, above all.

Concerned about people and a company culture that puts the well-being of the individual before all other objectives.

Studies say…

“Happy workers are 13% more productive”.

“Wellness programmes in companies allow all their needs to be met, physically, socially and emotionally. People want to feel loved and appreciated, and when that happens, really good things happen at work”.

“According to studies, almost half of Spanish workers suffer from work-related stress, and seven out of ten employees say they do not disconnect from their work obligations, mainly due to teleworking”.


I'm listening, let's create something together.

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