Conscious Business Mentoring New edition: February-March 2024

Turn your vision into reality

It is possible to make a living from what you want.
It is possible to live and experience your dreams.
To live the life you have always imagined for yourself and love so much.
You can truly create the job of your dreams and tailor it to you.

Get engaged and embark on an 8-week deep transformation journey of group business coaching.

Identify and design your purpose and mission.

Deepen your professional and life vision, it is important that both go hand in hand and are aligned.

Access your limiting mindset and transform your beliefs into empowering affirmations to make decisions and steps from abundance and prosperity instead of moving from scarcity.

Learn to set boundaries, to make important and impactful decisions for you, your life and business (quit a job, ask for what you are really worth and deserve, transform your daily reality…).

Set up your business or expand it if it is already in operation and take it to another location.

Root yourself, connect with you, create a stable foundation in you for your life and business.

It creates prosperity, abundance (that translates into more daily income, more growth, more well-being, more happiness).

Live your own work-life balance.

Make your vision, your dreams, come true.

Create a stable foundation of trust so that everything you desire is possible.

Conscious Business Mentoring will take you step by step to integrate all of the above.

Stop the internal monologue,
works in your mind,
in your capabilities, values,
in your power.

I accompany you and the rest of the group to create the reality you so desire through the inner work we all need.
Your mind must empower you,
not limit you
Your mind has to be your best friend and allow you to listen to your heart, to your intuition.
Live and move from love and not from fear.
Look at your possibilities and not your limitations.

A nourishing, expansive and highly enriching weekly experience.
A guideline, a guide and a plan of action.
Spirituality, neuroscience, psychology, coaching, rituals and holistic practices.
Resources, tools, knowledge, reflections and a work guideline
for life.
A network and community of women to learn from, be inspired by and support.

My experience

I have lived this process in myself.

On two occasions. This is my second business and it has taken my own process to get me to where I am today.

I’ve also surrounded myself with other women, I’ve gone to

I have worked deeply in my mind, I have searched and found my own resources and everything that has worked for me, I have gathered in this space for you. So that you can do it too and make the leap you need.

Make the life you want a reality

Through a creative, defined, planned and oriented program, with tools, resources, knowledge and a lot of practice to take you to action, to move you from where you are, to where you truly desire, live a completely healing process with you and your profession and life purpose. With what you want to do and live every day. Connect with you, your purpose, your vision, your life and your most authentic self.

This space is ready and available for you to plant, feed and nurture, love and expand your dreams, your vision, into something real, your reality.

Get to live in alignment and balance.

Feel it week by week through the process that we will all live together.

Less mind and more embodying and feeling in your skin all that you have been thinking and writing down in notebooks for years, ideas that you get from courses, workshops, books and podcasts. What good is all that if you don’t go beyond words and mind?

Let’s get into action, let’s get moving.

But let’s do it from the softness, from the calm, from the intuition to create a business, an impacting, real and authentic project. May it speak of you, may it be born of you.

We do not want more struggle, more unnecessary effort, more demands and rigidity. We will follow your instinct, your own intuition.

This proposal is for all those curious, restless women who believe in other ways of doing things, of living their business, their lives and who are available, with total dedication and confidence to explore, learn and expand. Ready to commit and let go of limitations and go beyond to live an authentic, meaningful life, where they are who they choose to be on a daily basis, living a life of meaning, significance and success. Your successes and no one else's.

Ready to take the plunge?

Where are you? How do you feel right now?

Do you recognize yourself in any of these situations, present or past, perhaps often repeated?
Burnout, stress, anxiety, feeling exhausted, tired,
perhaps desperate...
You are lost, you don't know how to keep doing things, to achieve what you want.
You don't feel good professionally, whether working on your own or for others.
You have ideas that you don't know how to put into action, you have no idea where to start.
You feel insecure, small, insufficient, with a lot to learn because you feel you know nothing.
You think that there are already thousands of people who contribute something to the world and that there is nothing in you that can make a difference.
You're confused, you're scared, you're in a shortage and
in the limitations.
But you sincerely feel in you the need for change.
You know that you have to take the step, that it is necessary and that it is
that the time is now.


8 recorded sessions of 60-75 minutes (weekly) of professional coaching with theory and proposed practices to work on one’s own case.

3 60-minute group meetings to review doubts, process progress and setbacks, share needs and experiences (replay available).

Self-study, resources, tools, work guidelines to do between sessions, readings, journaling and much more to go deeper.

Private support and growth space for the group on Telegram


/ WEEK 0 – February 1

1st group meeting to present the program and introduce all the members of the group.

/ WEEK 1

Be your Purpose

Where you are, emotions, thoughts and let’s see what your purpose is to become it. Values work and Reason Why.

/ WEEK 2

Mindset – What’s on your mind?

Limiting beliefs that prevent you from going where you want to go and reprogramming to open you to possibilities and empower you. Detox, let’s let go, let go and work on our confidence.

/ WEEK 3

Vision, Design your life

If you didn’t limit yourself, if you allowed yourself to dream big, what would you really want? We explore your professional and life vision to identify your goals and intentions and align them with your values and the authentic and real version of yourself that you are when you let yourself be.

/ WEEK 4

Expansion – Be you

Explore your capabilities, strengths, everything that supports your vision, see the real person you are when you let yourself be freely and define in detail your GOALS, Mission and Value Proposition, being your most authentic version.

/ WEEK 5 – February 28

2nd group meeting

/ WEEK 6

Inner work, Master Yourself

Through rituals, holistic resources, alignment and grounding, we will provide you with a network of tools that support your inner world to direct you towards your vision.

/ WEEK 7

Money Mindset

Clearly define your financial objectives and set a plan to meet them. Mentality work, pricing. We move from lack to abundance and prosperity.

/ WEEK 8

Action plan, strategy and confidence&motivation

Focus on actions aimed at achieving your vision, always without losing sight of your objectives. Confidence, motivation.

/ WEEK 8 – March 20

3rd and last call.


Conscious Business Mentoring is not for you if...

You are very busy and are not willing to commit to internal work of this magnitude.

If you are not willing to give yourself, your life and your business time and space.

You are not open to learning from other people, listening and participating.

You are not available to see what makes you uncomfortable and do the inner work.

It is for you if…

You believe in your potential, in your ability, in your value.

You know that other nodes exist and you want to learn them and integrate them into your life.

You believe in the work and are willing to commit.

What do you want to live?

What do you want to create, feel and experience?

What are you waiting for?

What are still your excuses?

General information

Dates: details by email

8 weeks of group coaching.

Payment and reservation by email.  Limited seating.


Join the process.

Through this form you can take the first step. Fill in these fields with your details and I will contact you as soon as possible and give you the information and guidelines to join.

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