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Are you ready for your job to really be what you want and how you want it?
Are you ready to have a business, a project, that you are passionate about, that excites you, that fulfills you?
Do you want to live from your passion? Do you want to vibrate daily with your work, working for yourself or others?

7-session, step-by-step coaching programme with practical tools to create the business, the project you have always wanted or to work on the one you already have and take it to the next level. Also if you’re working for others and you need to address certain aspects.

–I’m an entrepreneur as you are and I also worked for others

–I too have been to all those places you may be visiting right now.

–I too have needed support, guidance and inspiration.

–I too have wanted to take my business to the next level and have needed help.

In many moments of the entrepreneurial process, especially at the beginning or in times of change and growth, when we feel alone, we have hundreds of doubts, we do not know who to turn to or who to consult, we are not clear where to go or how, we distrust ourselves, we feel inferior, we are dominated by a limiting mindset or live the impostor syndrome ... we need support or a network of people to count on and on whom we can rely on to solve moments, doubts and to move forward, multifaceted and restless. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Why this process, why now?

No two people in the world are the same.
You are unique and different and you have something to contribute to the world.
Use your gifts and put yourself at the service of others.
Let’s work together and go deep.
I can help you transform your life and help you do the same
for others.

My proposal for you

This proposal is focused and defined to work on you and your business needs.
Whether you want to start a business or you are already an entrepreneur and your business is within the well-being areas, if your proposal has to do with a healthy, sustainable and conscious lifestyle, if your project has soul and an inspiring mission behind it, I accompany and guide you in your project and process to come back to you so you can build a business that is clearly aligned with you, with your purpose and passion, doing what you really love to do.

It is for you if…

You want to be an entrepreneur and have your own business and you don’t know from where to start

You want to offer something different, authentic, with a soul, 100% aligned with your values and you feel like you’re needing guidance and support.

You feel overwhelmed for all you “have to do” in your business and need somebody closer to share it.

You have doubts about how to show up, communicate and share about your proposal.

You have doubts about how to show up, communicate and share about your proposal.

You need to work on a strategy, implement some marketing, content in social media, etc but you don’t find the way, tone, voice…

What is included in this proposal

Starting point

Initial questionnaire that I will send you via email once you have committed to the process and we have set a date for our first meeting. You will return it to me answering with total sincerity so I can know where you are and what your needs, blocks, etc. are.

Let’s start

After the questionnaire we start working together with a first session of 60 minutes. We will delve into how you are and how you feel, we will set the way of working (conditions of the coaching process and needs of both parties), we will clearly establish your objective for the process and we will start to work and set some goals.

Deep work

First session + 6 sessions of 60 min in which through tools provided by coaching and other knowledge+experience in the areas of communication, strategy, branding and entrepreneurship, we will go deep and in detail to work on your own process. In total we will be together for 2 months.

Personal work

Week by week you will have proposals for work, reflection and exercises to continue advancing between sessions.

I am by your side

Personal guidance, tutoring and support between sessions via email to address any obstacles that may arise, doubts or concerns and to ensure that you continue to make progress.

Resources at your disposal

In addition to the material seen and reviewed in sessions, I will share with you resources that I identify as useful and necessary for your own process. I adapt to you at all times.

The process

Week 1

Preliminary exploration

Week 2

Mindset and inner work

Week 3

Habits, productivity and organization

Week 4

Focus, clarity, vision and purpose

Week 5

Expanders, resources and references

Week 6

Audience, goals and action steps

Week 7

Pricing and financial mindset

Week 8

I’m available for anything you might need

General information

7h of sessions via zoom with me, 2 months in total together, delivery of material – workbooks and exercises between sessions and resources to go deep. Accompaniment via email between sessions. 

Payment facilities available if required. Details via email.  

Cancellations: no refunds will be given in case of cancellation once you have committed to the process. I offer this process to very few women at any one time so the moment you decide to join, this space and time is yours and I will not be able to accept cancellations in the middle of the process.

If you need to cancel any session during the process, it must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid missing the session.

I’m here for you


The moment to step into action has arrived.

Through this form you can take the first step. Fill in these fields with your details and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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