Looking inwards is the way to find new routes.

Welcome to Alma. Personal life coaching.

Ready to live the life you really want?
Ready to live well?
Ready to live the life you really want?
Do you want to discover what are your wishes for you and your life and experience it?
Tired of searching, of not finding, of not finding yourself?
Living with an inner restlessness that you don’t know how to explain, that you don’t quite understand?

Alma, 7 sessions in 8 weeks. A process of personal inner work that will lead you to find answers, connect more with yourself, know yourself better and create the life you want.

Throughout our lives we may experience complicated moments, full of doubts, uncertainty, fear and worries.

I’ve been there too.

And I have sought, even struggled at times to get out of the discomfort.

I too have needed support, help, guidance, someone to accompany me and allow me to see what I was not seeing. Someone to offer me resources, new strategies.

Alma is a process of 7 sessions that we will do over 2 months, being fully accompanied by me during the whole time via email as well as in the sessions. This process will help you to achieve a clear and focused vision of what you want, aligned to your values, to the person you are and together we will define the right steps to completely revolutionize your life and feel that you decide, that in your hands you have the reins of everything that happens in you and around you.

That journey will led you to

Know yourself better and on a deeper level.

Take care of yourself daily, listening to you and your needs, incorporating the well-being in your day to day.

Have a space where you can express, share, explain and give yourself permission to listen to all you have on the inside.

Work to reach your goals and wishes.

Gain clarity about your path to reach your goals, seeing the steps and actions.

Work having a deeper connection between your mind, heart and soul to live aligned and in balance.

What is included in this proposal

Starting point

Once you have purchased ALMA, we will mark in the agenda our first session and you will receive an initial questionnaire whose answers will allow me to get closer to you and to know where you are. You will be able to answer it at your own pace, calmly and above all, being sincere and totally honest.

Let’s start

After the questionnaire we start working together with a first 60-minute session and then we meet to work on each of the areas necessary to advance you and your business (mindset, brand and identity, values, vision and objectives, internal and personal work, audience, communication…).

Deep work

First session + 6 sessions of 60 min. You will always have a work proposal for you to continue deepening, deepening and starting to manage changes and actions that we will define in your life. It is important to work, to commit, to be willing to invest time, space, energy and resources and above all, to take action.

Personal work

This process is defined so that you work on you, your person, values, identity, needs… and we can explore your life in depth, see where and how you are and how you really want to be. We work on your vision, your objectives and goals and draw a roadmap with actionable steps to take you to action and achieve what you want.

I am by your side

You will have access to me via email from Monday to Friday during the two months of work to resolve doubts and concerns that may arise and may be paralyzing you between sessions. In other words, you will not only have time during sessions but also between sessions, with access to new resources whenever necessary. It is important that the process flows so that in those emails we will always resolve what may be paralyzing and blocking you.

Resources at your disposal

In addition to the material seen and reviewed in sessions, you will have workbooks, templates and extra resources that you may need according to your own needs to accompany you throughout the process.

The process

/ WEEK 1

Review of the present moment, goals, values and rituals.

/ WEEK 2

Detox and attention to your emotions, feelings, behaviors and predominant thoughts.

/ WEEK 3

Vision and goals.

/ WEEK 4

Free. Time to work on your own and integrate things.

/ WEEK 5

Mindset, limiting beliefs.

/ WEEK 6

Expanders and referents. Sources of inspiration and growth.

/ WEEK 7

Free to work on your own. We remain in contact through email.

/ WEEK 8

Time to start taking action to move towards your goals and vision.

/ WEEK 9

Review and closing

/ WEEK 10

Final doubts via email.

General information

All sessions are via Zoom. Payment prior to the start of the process.
If you need special conditions for payment, please write to me to inform you of other possibilities. Once committed to the process, there is no possibility of cancellation.
I offer this process to very few women at the same time so the moment you decide to join, this space and time is yours and I will not be able to accept cancellations in the middle of the process.
The sessions are planned to take place over two months, with access to me via email when you need it.
You can review the content and planning of the weeks to see it clearly.
For cancellations of sessions during the process, it is necessary to give at least 24 hours notice in order not to lose the session.

The price of this process is 890€.

It includes everything described (7 sessions + work between sessions and access to me via email at all times + guidance and guidelines planned for you, to work with me and with you alone; access to resources, bibliography and other tools such as meditations).



The moment to step into action has arrived.

Through this form you can take the first step. Fill in these fields with your details and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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