Creative, multifaceted and restless.

I am curious and multifaceted. I love many things, some of them with unconnected relationships but all with great meaning for me. Design, cinema, literature, music, photography, nature, psychology and the human mind, dancing, health, food, sustainability… I feel that with all of them I grow, I expand, I am undoubtedly enlightened, I am inspired, I feel immensely alive and therefore I invest part of my time in living and experiencing all these disciplines to feel inspired and nourished.

My restlessness was perfectly expressed for years through my studies. I studied and graduated in psychology initially to help myself. I think it was around this time that my conscious search for wellbeing, balance and a more fulfilled, conscious and happy life began. This search was born out of my own inner discomfort and the need to find the peace that would allow me to live the life I knew I deserved.

The search let me arrive to the place I’m today

I did workshops, therapies, trainings and continued studying for years. I have never stopped. I spend most of my time learning in one way or another. Stimulating myself in whatever way I can, surrounding myself with people who also inspire me, and living my passions.

Yoga and rituals are an essential part of my life, growth and expansion.

Also beauty, design, nature and relationships with others.

My training, besides Psychology, includes Coaching and NLP, a teacher training in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga (200h) and one in Jivamukti Yoga (75h) as well as training in Meditation and Hypnosis.

Today I work as a life and business coach combining what I have learnt along my own personal journey as well as in my training. I accompany women on their own personal and professional journeys with individual coaching sessions, mentoring and group accompaniment to move through and advance in their processes of change, transition and transformation to lead lives that feel good. Lives according to their values, desires and goals and following a balanced, conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Something I have also come to after years of research and personal practice.

I hope my words resonate with you and open you to a new way of living your life.



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“The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment” — Thich Nhat Hanh


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