Do you have a “TIMER”?

There are many films and we loose most of them because we don’t know even they exist. Yesterday for example, trying to see “Origen” at home, through the website, we went to another (“Origen” can’t be hear with that low volume!) so we’ll look for another and we found “Timer”. Did u hear from that before? We neither… But we read the resume and we like it, also we are in the right time/mood to that kind of things (yes, silly, but we will be always that kind of romantic…) so we went with it. It’s weird the issue they talk about but… it’s quite interesting and it gives a lot to talk about.

The “Timer” is the new machine use to determinate if the person who is with you is your “middle orange”. That helps in finding the romantic compatibility and avoiding problems for not being made to the other.
This appliance is inserted on the person’s wrist and it indicates when the person will appear (in time). It is said in days, hours and minutes. Sometimes it remains in blank, without indicating anything so in that case it’s not known when the person will find his/her partner (and it’s what happens with the main character who is quite desperate with that). Once it shows the time and it arrives, when the 2 people stand near the other, the device starts to sound and that’s the way you know that he/she is the right one. That’s a kind of way of avoiding divorces, break ups, arguments… and seen by some people: the way to not lose your time spending days with not the important one. Ok, all right, it’s true in some way. I can’t not say nothing about the issue of being completely sure of the fact that you have the right one next to you and about the thing that you’ll be your entirely life with that one, with no divorces, separations… but… what about spending time with others that brings you experiences? It’s true that we suffer every time we loose somebody but it makes as strong and we live also great things before the ending. Knowing that we will find somebody in 2 years can make that we stop dating others and then we loose the opportunity of having great time with people who were able to teach as something, share great moments… Even the one won’t be next to you until 2 years, you can live in the while…

Sometimes even we have breaking ups, some of that people who spend time with us, become really important people in our lives. In which way people would live the live knowing that? Always looking on the device, waiting for the sound, avoiding others if the machine doesn’t sound… such an artificial way of love…
I was this morning in my spinning class and a boy came next to my bike. I suddenly remember the film. If I had the “timer” and then it starts to sound… in the middle of your spinning class… Oh my god! So strange situations can come to my mind thinking on that. And what about if you don’t like the person? I know that’s superficial, but what? We always think on that kind of things…
Even all those arguments, I know for sure that most of us will end using the “timer”. What will you do?


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