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Dentro Studio

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Feeling well
is not utopia


We lead busy lives, with stress, with excesses and rushing….

And I am aware that stopping is impossible for many people, but believe me if I tell you that it is essential to do that in order to observe yourself, your life… and simply be. If we don’t really meet with ourselves, if we don’t see who we are, where we are at… we can’t know and understand ourselves deeply… we can’t know.

And knowing is the basis of a good life. It all starts there.

Knowing who you really are, what you need, what you want from this life, what your values are and what matters to you… Without all that knowledge, how can you give yourself a good life and lead you to LIVE WELL?

You may not know how to do it. I didn’t know either but we can always learn. And ask for help. I personally thought being well was impossible. I spent years searching. Jumping from one study and training to another. I didn’t know anything about my mission and purpose. I liked so many things but nothing more than the rest… I was changing jobs, changing places, trying practices that promised me the light, doing thousands of therapies and seeing different professionals all the time…

And do you know where I got to? What did I discover in all this process?
That I didn’t have to go anywhere to look for anything because the answer, the truth, the key, WAS INSIDE.

Inside, in me. In you. In each one of us, all the answers are INSIDE and from there, we can make our way towards that BEING WELL.

I assure you that you can live being calm, in balance, taking your time, walking at your own pace and not that of others, taking care of you and not the expectations of the exterior world And feeling, of course, feeling what you are living and in what you are living (personally and professionally). Choosing daily the life you want.

It has been years on that path and journey and over time I have been getting in touch and learning about practices and tools that have helped me. I have worked a lot on my mind and on my own limiting beliefs, I have redefined my vision of life, my values… And I have gained clarity and focus, really understanding who I am and what my mission in this life is, the one that brings me here right now, the one that makes me be talking to you.

I am writing to you from the place I wanted, in this space with proposals that arise and I create so that each person who arrives here finds what best fits him/her.



Dentro Studio

Through beauty, rituals, presence, experiences, intuition, meditation, yoga, free and fluid movement and everything that has nourished me over the years and continues to be a fundamental part of my life, this space is an invitation for you to nourish yourself as much as I do daily in a safe and intimate container where you will find 12 routes that will lead you to work essential areas of your life through different tools, resources and experiences at your disposal to elevate, nourish, bring light and creativity to your life, expansion, beauty and growth.

Work on the inner child, self-esteem, vision, pleasure, authenticity and many other topics to experience expansion, growth, nourishment and inspiration, always guided and accompanied by me and the rest of the women and community that are already part of this powerful container.

Kind words


Yoga to balance emotions.

Rituals and practices to find wellbeing.

A book that invites you to go through your emotions, all that feeling in your day to day life, through 12 chapters in which you will find a deep and detailed introduction to an emotion and different practices and rituals that you can implement in your life to help you go through, digest, befriend, live more comfortably and even enhance or experience more, emotions that you may not be living.

Organized in two parts, the first part of the book focuses on how to live in a more balanced and healthy way with certain emotions that may be seen as challenging or hard. Fear, anxiety, perfectionism, are some of the opening chapters of this part. The other half focuses on all those emotions that we want to feel more and strengthen or enhance. Self-esteem, creativity or balance, among others.

The other half focuses on all those emotions that we want to feel more and strengthen or enhance. Self-esteem, creativity or balance, among others.

A deep exploration of our inner world and how to navigate in a conscious, healthy and balanced way through all our feelings with practical proposals to implement in your daily life.

You can find a copy of the book in any bookshop or on Amazon.

Basta ya de excusas

Basta ya de excusas, es momento de pasar a la acción, ¿Cómo suceden las cosas? Consejos para realmente moverte e ir hacia dónde deseas.



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“The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment” — Thich Nhat Hanh


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