Last weekend started with coincidences. Without you wait anything, suddently you are walking in a common place for you, in my case, my lovely Encants in a Saturday morning and then you see somebody who you hadn’t seen since such a long time! What a surprise because he’s special and was so speciall in the past… and now, you’ve got a friendly relation and you’ve got, even not a lot, great moments together. You spent the Encant’s time together until the lunch time and you decided to have dinner that day. Things happen like this, sometimes… And at night you meet again and spent more time together J

But that’s not the only coincidence of the day, then, no way to named like this the post… In the afternoon, while I’m waiting Guillem inside Coss, another bump, just in the shop. My recently friend, A… Power (who know me, knows who is him). Barcelona is such a big city, isn’t it? But we are all going to the same places. So curios… We don’t plan anything together. Let me please laugh… juasjuas

And then I ask myself: who will be the next? And I say to me: I know, perfectly. Will be the one I don’t want to see. And I don’t know if I’m half witch or what but on Monday, at midday, before my lunch time, I saw him. I’m never in Born during the middays. Never… And I know he used to for his internship and while with my colleagues we decided where to eat something he came to me with his bike and he stopped next to me. I’m a witch, definetely. Quick and painless. Maybe I’m over him J

So, anybodody else? I was going to Madrid, thinking the 2nd of February I ended my internship but after I extended them 6 months more I stayed here, so… the next one won’t be (the one from Madrid), or yes? Well, we will see that weekend…

Coincidences will be still in my life?? I will tell you soon…


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